The Graduate vs. The Truman Show



on 1/24/2014

I love Truman Show, Graduate is still great, a little dated though. I choose Truman.

on 3/20/2014

I'll go with The Graduate.

on 4/6/2016

The Truman Show by a close margin

on 4/8/2016

I like Truman Show, but this one easily goes to The Graduate. Dustin Hoffman is brilliant in it.

on 4/8/2016

The Truman Show. I do need to rewatch The Graduate but The Truman Show has stuck with me more. My favorite Jim Carrey film.

on 4/8/2016

Just saw The Graduate for the first time, not even a week ago, and I gotta say that it takes this here. Loved both though.

on 11/24/2017

Loved Truman show, but graduate has gradually become one of my favorite movies ever.

on 12/5/2018

Truman Show has aged well in contrast to Graduate