The Graduate vs. Avatar



on 2/14/2011

This isn't even close. Avatar is a sham of a movie and means nothing... EVER...

on 3/22/2011

that is unfair ,of course AVATAR is better

on 3/22/2011


on 3/22/2011

I'll actually back Avatar here. The Graduate was eight kinds of dumb rolled into one type of shit.

on 6/11/2011

You'll actually back Avatar, will you? HOW ABOUT YOU SHIT IN MY MOUTH?

on 7/20/2011

This is fairly easy. Avatar sure was thrilling and had superb visuals, but The Graduate has a great screenplay, great performances, and it's just so much more likeable.

on 7/21/2011

Great visuals = The ONLY good thing about Avatar. The Graduate wins.

on 7/21/2011

although avatar has its visuals, the graduate is well directed and gets the confusion and conformity of post-college life so right.

on 9/18/2012

I'm with Cleckley on this...There's just something about The Graduate that I find completely obnoxious. Avatar wins.

on 12/16/2012

I found The Graduate somewhat overrated.

on 12/16/2012

Can't say that I expected Avatar to get so many votes here. Amazing. Needless to say, I think The Graduate is miles above James Cameron's epic.

on 12/20/2012

The problem with The Graduate is that it's pretty terribly dated. Especially the film's attitude towards women, and towards Benjamin. The scene at the strip club in particular is pretty repellent, but overall there's little reason to sympathize with the schmuck. Avatar is unashamedly mass-market entertainment but what's wrong with that? Especially when it's done as well as Cameron does it. I rate based on how well something is done, not how artsy or respectable it is. Avatar FTW.

on 6/24/2014

The Graduate

on 6/26/2014

The Graduate smokes Avatar

on 9/15/2014

The Graduate. The Graduate is such a beautiful movie. I think Avatar is very cool, but The Graduate 100%.

on 6/24/2016

Why is this even a contest?