The Searchers vs. High Noon



The two greatest Westerns of the 50s. John Wayne vs. Gary Cooper. Color vs. B&W. Tight plot in real time vs. epic sweep. Critics might give it to THe Searchers, but I have to go for High Noon.

This is a strong pairing and bth films have a lot going for them. Gary Cooper's performance in High Noon is one of the great performances of all time, something that Wayne, while an incredibly talented performer, just can't match. But The Searchers has Ford's signature visual flair--that last shot may be the best in cinema history--and an extremely powerful message about prejudice. I think i have to go with The Searchers on this one. It aims higher and achieves more.

I'd have to say High Noon as well, I REALLY love the Searchers though.

HN wins

Changing my mind on this after watching them both again recently.

Wow! Two classic westerns! Hard choice!

High Noon (1952)

searchers was great however i think the themes of the movie were not fully showed in the movie , plus it had way to much comic characters and filler story which was distracting from more serious main theme , High Noon wins this one

The Searchers is boringly boring. Also, racisty racist. Also, badly acted and badly written. High Noon is straightforward and engaging. Gary Cooper certainly delivered one of the best performances of cinematic history. The soundtrack is also great. Well, that's just a really easy choice for me.

I'm not a big fan of either but High Noon wins for me because Cooper is better than Wayne!

The Searchers crushes High Noon.John Ford called High Noon sniveling crap and I tend to agree. John Wayne at his best beats snow flake sniveling every time. (And that goes for millennials that see racism where there is none)