Reservoir Dogs vs. Heat



ohhh shit, these are both great crime movies. heat is good on a grander scale... far more nuanced, etc. where reservoir dogs has the fast pace. hard choice, but im going with reservoir


The memorable characters and smart script set Reservoir Dogs apart here.

Damn this one is tough. I think I'll go with Heat though.

Reservoir dogs for me.

The heist flick without the heist...

I am switching over to Reservoir Dogs. Both are in my top 30 though.

Reservoir Dogs is an all time classic.

Heat is both style and substance, while Reservoir Dogs is style over substance. In terms of heist movies, Heat is top of the line in all aspects -- camerawork, editing, characters, shootout and chase scenes, dialogue, casting, score and the list goes on.


Heat for me. It's a top 3 cop movie in my book along with L.A. Confidential and The Departed.

Maybe I need a re watch of Dogs but I watch Heat all the time. Al Pacino’s acting alone gets the win.