Reservoir Dogs vs. Se7en



Action-Thriller vs. Serial killer-Thriller?. Both movies from 2 of my favorite directors? Both modern classics? What to CHOOSE!?

Reservoir Dogs, without blinking. Se7en was good, but Reservoir Dogs was fantastic.

Se7en, hands freakin' DOWN! Love Reservoir Dogs though.

I'm going to have to watch these two again to make a more informed decision but for now I think I will go with Seven

These both have permanent spots in my Top 50. I don't know if I can say I prefer one to the other right now so I'm going with whatever one I have ranked higher right now.


Seven left a bigger impression on me.

Oh, Se7en, in a heartbeat. No movie has blown me away like it.

Reservoir Dogs By a Nose

God damn you Joe.Don't make me do this.


Reservoir Dogs is usually considered Tarantino's number two. Se7en is usually considered Fincher's number two. But I think both of these movies are better than Pulp Fiction and Fight Club. I love 'em. Anyway, Se7en wins. That movie left a gigantic impact on me, especially with its ending, even though it's mildly predictable.

Se7en. I haven't seen a movie that graphic and grisly in a very long time.

Se7en. Often imitated...never duplicated.

@MysticSpoon:I agree completely.Se7en has always been Fincher's best movie in my eyes.Don't understand the big deal about Fight Club.I love the whole look and feel of Se7en.Creates that decaying and haunting atmosphere.The entire movie is a thrill ride filled with tension and the ending just sealed the deal for me.Kevin Spacey's performance was brilliant.Reservoir Dogs is great as well and is very re-watchable but Se7en is just something special.

I loved both endings, but Reservoir Dogs left me like, Oh my gosh, this is great because I like movies with endings like you don't know what happened to that character like Mr. Pink. Kevin Spacey was great as John Doe in Se7en. Tarantino wins

Tarantino will always outdo Fincher in Crime movies

I don't basically rank movies by which one I would rewatch the most, I rank it on the first time I saw the film and how good the story and characters are. Reservoir Dogs wins

@Connerwood1998 actually, you DO hear what happens to Mr Pink. You can hear him shout 'Don't shoot I got shot goddamnit' right before the ending. I guess he got captured by the police, because he didn't want to flee.

A pretty good example of a movie that's too much a product of its decade vs. a movie that transcends its decade. Se7en feels all MTV-edgy-90s, like every other Fincher movie I've seen. Unwatchable for me.

(oh, and the mallcore theme song did not help)

Looks like every Fincher film from the '90s resembles an MTV video. Se7en in a landslide.


reservior dogs wins. But only just

Seven for me. Both are really good though.

Pretty hard matchup. I think Se7en gets the slight nod for how intriguing the plot is.

Dogs, but man it's close.

This is pretty close. Two prominent masterpieces on my list, both top-of-the-line performances and story. I think Reservoir Dogs gets the win for the fact of being more entertaining.

RD definitely

Two ultra-violent darlings from the 90's. I suppose Se7en is quasi-independent, it certainly feels that way.

Reservoir Dogs is up there in my top 10. Se7en isn't quite there.

Switching to Se7en. Both top 25.


Impossible to decide..

Reservoir Dogs.

Reservoir Dogs is too Tarantino for Fincher.

Reservoir Dogs. Tarantino is just too much for Fincher

Both films are 90's classics. But Dogs has the edge

Reservoir Dogs........

Mr. Pink>John Doe

People should be ashamed to .mention Se7en in the same sentence as Reservoir Dogs. Se7en is a run of the mill detective flick.

Reservoir Dogs was an amazing movie, but Se7en does take this one. Now, if this were Pulp Fiction...

Love reservoir dogs but I love se7en more

Se7en wins this but both are great