Reservoir Dogs vs. Raging Bull



I know it's tough, but I go with Reservoir Dogs.

Raging Bull is a movie that actually grabs on my heart and pulses it on its own, and isn't one bit cheap about it. Not saying Reservoir Dogs does that, and i love it. But Raging Bull is just an inkling of a a better film.


Hard choice but Raging Bull is so engaging.

This is a tough one Raging Bull is great but I'm going with Reservoir Dogs

Raging Bull is more entertaining and better performed.

I must barley go with Dogs.

Raging Bull doesn't deserve to lose but here it must!

Raging Bull.

Can't go against Raging Bull...

If PETA gets wind of this match-up, we're all in trouble...

Reservoir Dogs.

Raging bull no question