Reservoir Dogs vs. Citizen Kane



You know a movie sucked when I hate it more than Reservoir Dogs. Citizen Kane sucked more than Reservoir Dogs.

Neither of these movies suck by any stretch of the imagination. CK deserves all the praise it gets. It's a great and important film. Reservoir Dogs is excellent as well, and it wins this matchup.

I know some will say Citizen Kane, but for my money Reservoir Dogs is the best directorial debut out there,

'Citizen Kane' is easily one of the very greatest films of all time....and it was Welles' debut at the age of 26! Really comprehend that! 'Reservoir Dogs' is one of the great genre films, and a highlight of the 90s. But 'Citizen Kane' is perhaps just a tad too strong.

I'll go with the Tarantino one.

I'll take Dogs

Easily Reservoir Dogs. Kane is good for sure.

Tbh, Dogs never worked for me. It had its moments for sure, but that's about it. Kane isn't one of my favorites, and it kinda drags at the third act, but I'd rather re-watch it.

This is actually pretty hard. Both have tight scripts, that tell a simple yet unbelievably good story. Citizen Kane definitely had the better cinematography and lighting, and has many scenes that leave you speechless; it’s so good it’s stunning. But Reservoir Dogs is just a perfect film start to finish. Everything works to a stupidly good extent. And it also has scenes that leave you speechless, maybe even more then Kane. Dogs also gets the edge for the style and comedy Quentin Tarantino has.