Reservoir Dogs vs. Pulp Fiction



tough one for sure i go with pulp fiction because every time i watch it i see new things and tiny details that imissed before

Two great 90s films, Reservoir Dogs set the ground work for Pulp Fiction which exceeded it's predecessor.

This is a toughie - Res Dogs is more of a tragedy and Pulp Fiction is more of a comedy (in the classic sense). Because QT plays with time so well in the Pulp Fiction narrative, that's the winner for me.

This has always been a heated debate among me and my friends, but also as a personal conflict in myself. I find that I lean towards Reservoir Dogs because of its lean and simplistic storytelling. While the greatness of PF comes much from the intricate web of characters and events, Reservoir Dogs represents the meat and potatoes interaction of characters in tough situations. In my mind, RD is a streamlined version of PF, and is my personal choice.

He's never topped Pulp Fiction in my opinion.

RESERVOIR DOGS may have made people stand up and take notice of Mr. Tarantino, and rightfully so, given its signature dialogue and originality, but PULP FICTION transformed modern cinema. You can't argue with that. It remains to this day, Quentin's masterpiece.

The classic QT debate...I tend to go with which I've seen last, but no one can argue with the impact Pulp Fiction has had on the way this generation views and reacts to movies.

its the one that says bad ass motherfucker, motherfucker

It'd be easy for'd pick Four Rooms.

lol of course i would

Oh shit, what a hard choice. But ...gonna have to go with Pulp Fiction. It's Tarantino's masterpiece imo.

While I love Reservoir Dogs, it is my least favorite of the films Tarantino has directed. Pulp Fiction of coarse, being the best !

If you'd asked me this a year ago, I'd have said Reservoir Dogs, but for some reason, post Inglourious Basterds I'm pikcing Pulp Fiction.

Wow, that's so hard.

Pulp Fiction was better overall, in my humble opinion.

Tarantino has yet to make a bad movie, so any of his comparisons are a lot of fun. I think Pulp Fiction is probably his best, but they are all high on my list.

Both are limited by Tarnatino's acting but Pulp Fiction, while more ambitious also veers drunkenly all over the place. This is not in istelf a bad thing but I prefer the more concentrated story of Reservoir Dogs.

both are really good crime films reservoir dogs is more fast paced but Pulp fiction has a better story, characters and more memorable scenes so i have to go with Pulp fiction. Though both of them are high on my list

Pulp Fiction's narrative does swerve around a little and Reservoir Dogs narrative is rather focused by comparison; however, Pulp Fiction is more memorable than Reservoir Dogs. I can even name scenes in Pulp Fiction that I like more than most of Reservoir Dogs.

For me, Reservoir Dogs was a well-made but largely forgettable crime drama with one starkly memorable scene (Stuck In The Middle With You, obviously). If you want to talk about drunkenly wandering all over the place (as one person said about the story in Pulp), I'd argue that Reservoir Dogs does it with dialogue throughout, which is saying something since dialogue might be Tarantino's greatest strength. I remember being quite bored through a great stretch of Reservoir Dogs; I couldn't say that about any other QT film, except maybe the director's cut of Death Proof. Pulp Fiction by a landslide.

Pulp Fiction,since I actually liked it.

Reservoir Dogs for me. I feel it's very underrated, and you just can't beat the absolute rawness and brutality here.

this is easy for me since i think Resevoir Dogs is terrible

pulp fiction i guess, only because it had so many different and interesting characters

Which one ca I watch over and over and over again? Pulp Fiction.

RD is great, but PF redefined filmmaking. One of masterpieces in cinema.


Chalk another win for the fantastic Pulp FIction.

Both are truly excellent, but Pulp Fiction is quite possibly my favorite movie of all time.

Pulp Fiction FTW

Reservoir Dogs changed the way i looked at films and made me want to see more films. But Pulp Fiction is not just Tarantino's masterpiece is arguably the masterpiece of the 90's, when you think about 1990's cinema and the independants, what was the turning point...

Even though I prefer Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction is the better film for at the very least its innovation and writing.

Pulp Fiction....heads and shoulders above the overrated Reservoir Dogs...

Both Awesome, I Like Reservoir Dogs more though. On My List It's Reservoir Dogs #2, Pulp Fiction #17

OOOOHHHHHHHHHH! i feel like i've been punched in the gut.

I get why Pulp Fiction inspired so many directors, but I don't see why it revolutionized modern cinema. I really don't. My pick is Reservoir Dogs.

Brilliant script, stylish wardrobe, the amazing cast and cool directing - Pulp Fiction

Reservoir Dogs was so very close to becoming the best crime drama of all time, but it wasn't, Pulp Fiction shows it for the prototype it really is. And that's not saying RD isn't a good movie, it's great, but it could have been much better, PF is where QT really shows off the best of his narrative and directing talents.

For the longest time i probably would have said Reservoir dogs, but Pulp fiction just gets better with every watch. Easily one of the most quoteable movies of all time. "Look at the big brains on Brad."

I love RD, but it's gotta be Pulp Fiction here.

Tarantino's first vs. Tarantino's best...Pulp by a doll hair

It is not fair! You must say what is in he case!

Reservoir Dogs has been my favorite QT movie for a long time, however thinking about it right now I am thinking Pulp Fiction is better. Guess I need to rewatch both and decide.

How in the fuck am I supposed to decide this one?

This shit just got real.

Reservoir Dogs was the practice run for Pulp Fiction. Pulp Fiction truly showed the world that rules are meant to be broken and it has influenced my film life to no end.

Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction are both two of my favorite movies. Reservoir Dogs is excellent, with top-notch acting (particularly from Madsen, Keitel, Buscemi, and Roth), an awesome screenplay, tight story and directing, and cool music. Pulp Fiction, however, is quite possibly my favorite movie of all time, with a complex, cleverly intertwining story, unforgettable characters, sheer unpredictability, tons of replay value, and stellar acting from everyone involved. Plus, one of the greatest soundtracks ever assembled. Pulp Fiction by a bit.

Dogs for me.Tarantino is yet to top his original masterpiece.

pulp fiction all he way even tho dogs was the first it wasnt the best fiction has better story and thiers something to the charecters he improved dogs with pulp fiction fiction for me

I'd take Reservoir Dogs any day of the week. Tighter, more coherent story. Focused script. I've never been a big fan of Pulp Fiction.

I'm with you, Nathan.


Reservoir Dogs was a little too straight forward and simple of a story to top Pulp Fiction; I agree it was a prototype of sorts. Still a great film, just not Pulp Fiction great.

resevoir dogs was good but i thought pulp fiction was on a whole nother level

Pulp Fiction wins for sure.

Bits of Reservoir Dogs were boring. Pulp Fiction didn't have any boring bits. Pulp Fiction it is.

Resevoir Dogs is a better movie. Pulp Fiction seemed kind of confusing and random at times.

Pulp Fiction.

Dogs is the complete package.

reservoir dogs, along with 12 angry men, is one of those movies with very little story, yet still manages to deliver in every aspect. pulp fiction didn't really do much for me. the dialogue and samuel l jackson's performance were too pretentious in my opinion, and for the love of god, please stop dancing, travolta.

on my list PF #5 and RD #14. for now...

I respect Reservoir Dogs but Pulp Fiction is better! period

With Pulp Fiction, Tarantino decided that man can live on irony alone. He was wrong. Reservoir Dogs is better.

Pulp Fiction's got more personality. Personality goes a long way.

Reservoir Dogs, and Basterds IS Tarantino's masterpiece. I have very high hopes for Django, erghhhh, so excited! haha

pulp fiction is the better one

Change of heart. Reservoir Dogs holds up better as a piece of storytelling. many of you guys went to see Pulp Fiction tonight? That was pretty fucking sweet.

So, after countless failed attempts of trying to watch Pulp Fiction the whole way through, I finally did it. Today was the first time I watched Pulp Fiction. That deserves some applause! (Nobody? oh well...). And what did I think of it?'s alright. Reservoir Dogs remains my favorite Tarantino movie, and Inglourious Basterds still takes the number 2 spot. I can't really detect a major flaw in Pulp Fiction, it's just that I didn't love it. Reservoir Dogs is tighter and more focused on the story, and at times it feels more like a play than an actual movie, which I actually like. RD for me.

The only thing I could say about RD that might give it an edge over Pulp Fiction is how much it does with so little. I love that it can tell such an intriguing story mainly in the confines of that warehouse and keep it interesting throughout. But Pulp Fiction is massively better.

Tarantino's two best movies however in the end, I believe that Pulp Fiction is superior in story telling, better and more entertaining dialogue, better characters, greater cast and simply the story itself is so much more grand.

My two favorite Tarantino films. As much as I love Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction is and most likely will always be Tarantino's masterpiece.

Pulp fiction is my number one movie

Two of Tarantinos many masterpieces, but Pulp Fiction wins this one.

You know what? If my house is on fire and Pulp Fiction is on TV, I'll continue watching Pulp Fiction. If Reservoir Dogs was in the same scenario, I would find a fire extinguisher first, put out the flames, then go back to watching Dogs.

Reservoir Dogs is Tarantino's masterpiece. Everything about that film is utterly perfect; The character are unbelievably quotable, the segments are done to the best extent, the script is coherent and the acting is incredible.

I like Reservoir Dogs plot better.

This is close. Pulp.

Reservoir Dogs is my personal favorite Tarantino film, but I admit that Pulp Fiction is better.

Reservoir dogs gets my vote

Reservoir Dogs is tarantinos best film. Followed by Pulp Fiction and then Inglorious Basterds.

Both of these films I liked but didn't love. I didn't enjoy the first chapter of Pulp Fiction but the others made up for that with great dialogue and interesting plots. Reservoir Dogs was all enjoyable but didn't really try to go anywhere. For that reason, Pulp Fiction wins

LOLOLOL at Reelz' comment! Pulp Fiction wins in a close one!

The big ones from Tarantino. As engaging as RD is, my choice is PF reigns superior for its dialogue, character development, structure and tension.

This is one of the hardest choices I've ever had to make

Tarantino's two greatest masterpieces and I really love both. I think that Pulp Fiction is better, not by too much though.

Pulp Fiction is the better Tarantino movie

Reservoir Dogs is a unique movie with great dialogues and plot like any Tarantino movie, but it still was Quentin's first movie. With a little more experience and better plot, he created the masterpiece named Pulp Fiction. Generally regarded as Tarantino's greatest movie (I got #2 behind Django) and it's an all-time classic. Pup Fiction is the answer. The important thing though... Quentin Tarantino wins!

Tarantino's two best films. Both are brilliant in their screenplay and in their acting. Pulp Fiction is superior in the storytelling by the way it takes you back and forth. Reservoir Dogs is raw, relentless and unforgiving and a must see.

1992's Reservoir Dogs And 1994's Pulp Fiction Are Both Better Movies.

1992's Reservoir Dogs And 1994's Pulp Fiction Are Both Better Movies.

Easy. The Pulp.

Pulp Fiction is Tarantino's best

reservoir dogs

Every time I watch PF, I love it, but I get so confused as to why it's considered such a groundbreaking masterpiece. Every time I watch RD, I am astonished by how intricately perfect every detail of every aspect of that film is.

Pulp Fiction wins

love DOGS so much but I cant disagree that PULP is the better film.

Pulp fiction has more memorable scenes but they are both QTs finest

Tarantino's original is still his best.

Pulp Fiction wins easy. I still don't get the love for Reservoir Dogs, maybe I went into expecting greatness but it failed to deliver. I might revisit it one day but I'm not excited about the thought of sitting through it again.

Reservoir Dogs is great but it's no where near as good as Pulp Fiction for me.

These are 2 of my top 3 greatest films of all-time. I thought Pulp Fiction was better however because of the cleverness, the dialogue, the character development, and the cinematography. Not to say that Reservoir Dogs didn't have those things because I really loved and enjoyed it as well but I just thought Pulp was just a few steps above Dogs in those categories. Especially the dialogue. I thought the dialogue in Pulp Fiction was the best I have ever seen.

Love Reservoir Dogs but definitely Pulp Fiction

I change my mind. Pulp Fiction wins.

Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs are overrated. Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction. Reservior Dogs just didn't work for me. I've seen Pulp quite a few times, but I've only seen Dogs once. Maybe I just need to rewatch it.

Pulp Fiction and it isn't even close.

reservoir dogs came first, but pulp fiction is more inventive (and entertaining)


Rough draft vs . Fine wine. Pulp Fiction is the adult in the room.

"Youre tearing me apart, flickchart" *said in a Tommy Wiseau voice*

Reservoir Dogs is my favorite movie, so it beats Pulp Fiction.

This one is a tough one. But I gotta go with personal preference here and go with Reservoir Dogs. I just enjoy the characters and plot more. Not to say that either is a bad movie but I just enjoyed watching Reservoir Dogs more than Pulp Fiction. Also prefer the soundtrack to RD over PF. "Stuck in the Middle with You", "Little Green Bag", "Coconut" are the hits!

Pulp Fiction is incredibly overrated. Reservoir Dogs wins for actually having a tight script and a plot that effectively sucks you in!

pulp fiction

Pulp is much better than Dogs.

Pulp fiction is good but I have to go with the original which is Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs is a riveting, shocking, unpredictable and wonderfully edited and acted crime thriller/tragedy with wonderfully subtle bits of comedy interspersed throughout. Pulp Fiction is a witty and funny dark comedy with some funny and memorable performances that left me saying, "that was funny". I eventually forgot about it. I still remember most of Reservoir Dogs.

This is is kind of like a Batman Begins vs The Dark Knight situation. Like Batman Begins was a great setup for The Dark Knight, Reservoir Dogs was a great setup for Pulp Fiction. But like how the The Dark Knight took everything Batman Begins did well and took things to a whole new level, Pulp Fiction takes everything Reservoir Dogs did well and also took things to a whole new level. Reservoir Dogs is still a top 20 movie for me, but I prefer both Kill Bill movies and Django Unchained to it. Pulp Fiction is my #2 movie of all time. Not to mention, Pulp Fiction has Uma Thurman, so it can't lose here lol.

Both are great.... reservoir dogs must be in my top 30 but pulp fiction in my top 3

Pulp fiction is my all time favourite but I have to say that Reservoir Dogs is his 2nd best film.

Pulp Fiction is slightly better? I dunno it's really close but Kill Bill Vol.2 is better than both

Reservoir Dogs is awesome, but yeah Pulp Fiction is better. The story is better, more iconic sequences, etc. But nothing against Reservoir dogs.

Phenomenal matchup. Pulp Fiction.