Reservoir Dogs vs. The Killing



Niice. Kubrick or Tarantino, one inspiring the other. Both of these movies were more or less of the same. I liked the way that the build-up was in more detail in The Killing than in Reservoir Dogs and I think that the racetrack robbery was a little more original than a diamond store. But on the other hand, the characters are greater in 'Dogs' than in The Killing. Let me hang back for a bit and think about this.

The Killing would be my pick.

Oh, that's easy. Tarantino had obviously seen The Killing once or twice before he did Reservoir Dogs, but I think he made the better movie. The heist scene was well-done, but I don't think it can touch Dogs' snappy dialogue or the characters or the suits or the music. Not even close.

This is irconic

Just watched The Killing and it was great, but Dogs is one of my favorites.

Without the narration, the Killing would've been one of Kubrick's best films. But even with it, it triumphs reservoir dogs.

Both films play out with style and class, I just appreciate Reservoir Dogs' just a LITTLE bit more.