Apocalypse Now vs. Back to the Future



Now THIS is a tough choice. Think I gotta stick with McFly, though.

As much as i love MttF, no way i can give it a win over Apocalypse Now.

This is an easy choice, for me. It's Back To The Future. Maybe the hype hurt it, but I found myself only liking Apocalypse Now, not loving it.

BTTF doesn't hold a candle to Apocalypse Now.

Back to the Future was one of the most intense and uniquely constructed movies in history and surpasses Apocalypse Now in all aspects minus bullets and blood. Don't get me wrong, I did like Apocalypse Now, it's just that Back to the Future was that much memorable. Marty and Doc still get two hours in my sunday afternoons schedule every once in a while.

The Apocalypse.

What a choice. Both are classics.

I think AN takes it.

Back to the Future easily wins.

Back to the Future easy

Apocalypse Now is fuckin' boring compared to Back to the Future. BTTF by a landslide.


Apocalypse Now