Apocalypse Now vs. Alien



To have been alive in 1979...

1979 was good for films, Alien wins

Apocalypse Now.

Apocalypse Now is a bizarre, unique and fascinating war classic. It wins easily.

Apocalypse Now for me as well.

Alien is mind blowing science ficition. It still holds today.

Awww shit... Apocalypse for the win.

Apocalypse Now for me. It was just the ultimate Vietnam War movie at the time of its inception.

Alien. It was just the ultimate sci-fi movie at the time of its inception.

Apocalypse Now. Alien was good but it was'nt anywhere in the league of Apocalypse Now.

Alien is far better.

Two heavyweights. I go with Alien.

I'm going with Apocalypse Now for sure.

Alien is way better, Apocalypse Now is one of the most booring and most awful movies that I have ever seen.

Alien just about wins, but it's very very close

Alien and it's close

AN, once more

Gotta go Alien here.

"Apocalypse Now's" scope is broader than "Alien's." Both are technically good, but the theme, narrative, set design, and the story of the former has more weight and is timeless, while the latter feels a bit like a product of its time now.

Alien easly

Alien is better opinion

Apocalypse Now wins.

Alien is a define choice here.

Both '79 classics have those rare breathtaking shots of artistry and uncanny beauty, shots good enough to be hung as paintings. In this contest my preference is Alien, which I also consider the better film.


Apocalypse Now is one of the few films I prefer over Alien.

Apocalypse Now definitely, not a fan of Alien movies