Apocalypse Now vs. Aguirre: The Wrath of God



A couple of journeys into madness. Apocalypse Now is more exciting at its best, but more muddled and ponderous at its worst, than Aguirre. I've seen Apocalypse Now many times, and I don't really feel the need to see it again. Aguirre hasn't yet overstayed its welcome.

Great movies, great trip... I'll go with apocalypse, it marked me the most.

both are great, but herzog's earlier film is much more convincing and resonant to me

Two trips down perilous rivers of madness. Two vastly different film budgets and two film-making nightmares. Yet, two incredible movies. I really can't choose, regardless of what my vote may indicate.

Both films examine the mental toll arduous military expeditions take on their participants. Both set in very different eras, but feel thematically connected in a way.

Aguirre: Even God is Bored. How a short, 94 minute movie can be made to feel like a stint in a prison isolation cell I'm sure I will never know. The best I can say about it is that it satisfactorily depicts the sheer arrogance and savagery of the Church and European "explorers". It's a vision of folly and madness alright, both induced by a quite profound tedium. I feel strong for having survived the screening. Apocalypse Now too displays the cuntishness of imperialism, but it does so in a much more entertaining way.