Apocalypse Now vs. The Empire Strikes Back



ARGHH! How can I vote against Empire, my childhood on celluloid? But how can I vote against Apocalypse Now, one of the greatest films ever made? Why Flickchart, why?!

The horror. . . The horror.

Apocalypse Now is one of the many films in my Top 20 that are technically better films than Star Wars, but I really enjoy Star Wars. So it wins.

one of the hardest choice of the last 10 minutes

Apocolypse Now? Owned....

Without question, Apocalypse Now is one of the most impressive and audacious films ever made. That said, I appreciate the film more than I actually enjoy it. I have to go with The Empire Strikes Back.

The Empire Strikes Back is the best Star Wars film and if A New Hope is better than Apocalypse Now, then it is clear that TESB is the clear winner.

Vote for the better film guys.


Y'all must be trippin'. Apocalypse Now by far.

I love Apocalypse Now, but Empire is simply more enjoyable and doesn't have an ending that drags like the one of Apocalypse Now. So Empire wins.

The empire strikes back, but Apocalypse now is great

Empire by far, Apocalypse Now wasn't very good in my opinion.


Apocalypse Now is the better movie although I can see why people choose Empire over it, it is quite enjoyable and most of your here are geeks anyway.

Sorry but AO deserves another vote.

I agree. Truly a remarkable experience.

Empire, but its close...

toke ke jigesh koreche re?

The Force is too strong here

Yep it's Empire over the Apocalypse...

I just connect better with Empire. Nothing against AN though

Every Star Wars is boring overrated garbage, while Apocalypse Now is a masterpiece.

Star Wars is still god but apocalypse now is define far indeed greater here.

The Empire Strikes Back.

Love both but Apocalypse Now has the joy of the classic.


Tough choice but the best Star Wars film wins.

Definitely Star Wars.

Apocalypse Now had better actors, plus the main theme. And Starwars has one of the biggest fanbases. Each John Williams movie loses it for me due to repetitiveness.

Apocalypse now is more powerful and has a stronger message than any Star Wars movie.

The best Star Wars owns apocalypse now

Empire is fun, but Apocalypse Now is one of the most powerful and thought-provoking movies I've seen

Apocalypse Now is my choice as the most overrated film in the history of cinema, the paradigm example of The Cinema of Excess. Of all movies, it is the least economical and the most self-indulgent, not least because of its reliance on a waaayyyy past his prime Marlon Brando. Empire is pure movie magic. It was amazing what Lucas could do when he hired a director who wasn't himself.

Apocalypse Now is far better, I really hate ESB

Empire strikes back is a legendary movie and the best of the SW by far. ESB is the best movie of the 80s but A.NOW is an utter masterpiece. ITS close but A.NOW wins . THIS is a cererbral complex movie that is hard to beat