Apocalypse Now vs. The Godfather



I do feel that Apocalypse Now is a darker and more powerful film than the Godfather.

Not fair. I wasn't expecting anything from Apocalypse Now and was blown away. However, the Godfather is so strong. Apocalypse Now by the slimmest of margins.

This is a real clusterfuck of duel between what are considered Coppola's two visual masterpieces. Both are war films obviously.....hmmmm I'm not really sure which one is more realistic, probably neither, maybe I'm wrong. I guess corruption is a good topic for Coppola. Corruption and War....I guess Apocalypse Now must WINNNNNNNNNNN

I tend to side with the more passionate film, and that would undoubtedly be APOCALYPSE NOW. However, THE CONVERSATION, YOUTH WITHOUT YOUTH or THE GODFATHER are all masterpieces equally deserving of praise. The thing that always brings me back to APOCALYPSE NOW is the degree of passion in the filmmaking, truly rare in American cinema.

OMG, I'm alone supporting what I believe is the second best movie of all time (after The Godfather Part II). I dunno, I think it's superior in every way. Even when Apocalypse Now was a great movie.

will quite possibly end up being 1 and 2 of my final list. classic coppola just can't be beat

not redux though. NOT REDUX

I've gotta go with Apocalypse Now.

Two really great movies, but I just love The Godfather...what a tough choice

Apocalypse is such a crazy, drugged-out, by no means perfect movie but still a fantastic piece of cinema. Godfather is great too though.


This has went back and forth over the years but Apocalypse has firmly entrenched itself in my top ten.

Both of these films are masterpieces but The Godfather is just far and away better to me.

For me, it's Apocalypse Now and it isn't close, though both films feature fantastic performances by Marlon Brando. It is far more impressive visually, more daring in its plot, and is much better paced. It also features some of the best uses of music: opening the film with "The End", "The Ride of the Valkyries" during the beach assault, "Satisfaction" on the pontoon boat. All of it adds up to a harrowing experience, a movie that feels not only like the characters are going crazy, but even the movie itself.

I only recently saw apocalypse now, though it was clearly brilliant it didn't quite have the effect the godfather had on me after the first viewing. maybe my opinion will change over time but the godfather is one of my all time favourites and contains some of the greatest scenes in cinema history (christening scene the best of them) so its gotta be godfather for me

Brsndo baby Brando!!!!! Godfather blows Apocalypse Now out of the water.

10-5??? Good God!

Apocalpyse Now is my all-time favorite, and The Godfather is my definitive second favorite.

Shocked at the results on this...Godfather all day and twice on Sunday!

Apocalypse Now is a louder film, more daring and "cooler," with an electrifying soundtrack and brilliant visuals, but just because AN has a more overt style doesn't make it better. Both are masterpieces. The Godfather, however, for me has the larger soul. With stellar performances from absolutely EVERYONE except maybe Luca Brazi, themes of profound resonance on both national and personal levels, impeccably paced sequences, subtle but no less profound visuals than AN, and a story of Shakespearean power, The Godfather explodes for me in every scene. AN's story disintegrates (appropriately) as the journey descends into darkness, but the end of the film works too hard to hastily develop some abstract symbolic meaning utterly devoid power, rather than embrace the profound chaos of Conrad's conclusion in Heart of Darkness. AN's cinematically ambitious, but The Godfather pulls it off, and with such deceptive ease that I think it's given too short shrift by pseudo-intellectual aficionados.

Apocalypse has something Godfather doesn't: edge.

i'm new in this website, and this is the first tough choice i really have to make. damn, both movies are so good, they're both masterpieces, they're both defining films in their respective genres. and i just have to go with apocalypse because it's just so... perfect, and the godfather i think is one point less

This is no mere Showdown. This is the Coppola showdown, the Brando showdown, and the two greatest movies of all time. and Apocalypse wins because it's impossible to beat

The horror...the horror.

None can fathom this, the ultimate question, nay, the ultimate duel between the two masterpieces of that, this, and all generations to come. The only decision that can be made is the one that resounded and changed you more because, more than likely, you enjoyed both the exact same amount, and their perfection goes unchallenged. I will side with Apocalypse Now (Not Redux) because when it was over I couldn't start a decent conversation for the next three days.

Cmon The Godfather was more entertaining and has more rewatch value

The Godfather is ten times better than Apocalypse Now

The Godfather. There has been some controversy to Apocalypse Now and it drags in same parts. The Godfather flows smoothly and there is no controversy or problem to it. It was made perfect!

Apocalypse Now slightly wins this for me, but both are cinema at its very best!

Apocalypse Now for me.

Saw Apocalypse Now recently and it was great, but it doesn't compare to the impact The Godfather had on me when I first saw it. It goes to The Godfather.

Godfather no queation.

I can't rewatch Godfather. It is the most boring movie ever. When I finished it, I was like, I just wasted 4 hours of my life, honestly. I taped Godfather Part 2 but i deleted it in the first 30 minutes cause i was thinking i couldn't go through this again. I just watched Apocalypse for the first time today, it is MUCH better than the godfather. The beach assault, every other scene, superb. The ending was great. Apocalypse wins!

and the ending was great too because Brando describes what war is: the horror, the horror.

It always amazes me when someone finds The Godfather to be boring. I mean, there's SO MUCH to like in that movie. The tension, the character work...when you're watching The Godfather, those actors ARE those people. It's fucking real. And it's not one of those classics where there's really just the one scene that everyone remembers it for. The Godfather's got several. Vito's introduction, Sonny's death, the horse head... And then there's my personal favorite, one of the greatest scenes OF ALL TIME, U GUYZ, where Michael lays out the plan to kill Sollozzo and McCluskey. "It's not personal, Sonny. It's strictly business." The one kid who wanted to stay the fuck out of the family business turns out to be the only guy for the job. Classic stuff. How can one not be entertained by that movie?

I saw AN with a very intelligent friend who found it boring. I didn't, although I'm hard pressed to say which movie I like more. Both have Brando, both are visually stunning. I would have to give the nod to Apocalypse because the visuals are more stunning.


The horror......the horror

This result stuns me. The Godfather is just so superior in my book but that's why we all have got our own books now isn't it?


The Godfather brutally murders Apocalypse Now.

This is pretty hard. Both films are in my top 20 and are Coppola gems. Godfather it is.

I'm surprised at the amount of votes Apocalypse Now is getting, but then again it is an incredible film. Both are absolute classics but I must say, the Godfather is a better film. Apocalypse Now is darker and perhaps more realistic but the Godfather is a great story told on the screen. A better film in my opinion.

So I have FINALLY seen The Godfather, and I loved it. It's flawless and it deserves its reputation. I love Apocalypse Now too, it's one of my favorite movies and it has hands down my favorite scene of all time (the helicopter attack). But dear lord does it draaag near the end. Oh man. So although I do love the first hour and ±40 minutes of Apocalypse Now more than I do The Godfather as a whole (it's more impressive visually, it has more brilliant moments and it has more memorable lines and characters), the last 30 minutes of Apocalypse Now seem to go nowhere. I'll give this one to The Godfather.

I feel like Apocalypse Now has better scenes and better cinematography but The Godfather is a better film as a whole. The Godfather wins. Although both are in my top 20.

Acchhh, such a tough one. I like Apocalypse Now more since it is my favourite film but the title of 'best film ever' belongs to The Godfather.

The horror, the horror.

Martin Sheen was not the perfect guy for Apocalypse Now (lets face it). Everything about Godfather was perfect.

The Godfather is Coppolas better movie

This one is always close, and this time Apocalypse wins.

I could not care for Apocalypse Now...Most of the film didn't entertain or affect me the way the Godfather did. Remember the same with Vito and his grandson in the garden, that scene affected me more than most scenes in movie history, almost nothing in Apocalypse Now affected me one bit apart from Marlon Brando..I couldn't stand Lawrence Fishburne at all..I just couldn't. The Godfather murders most films!

Wow, to think that Apocalypse Now is actually winning is extremely shocking to me. I feel bad for not liking Apocalypse Now, maybe its time to re-watch it.. I don't know

godfather by a small margin. the 2 best films ever.

Number 3 and 4 on my chart, I frequently change my mind on which I prefer, it just depends on my mood. The Godfather feels more 'perfect' and polished, but AN feels more intense and passionate. I don't know how anyone could find either of these two boring, and I think they're both very re-watchable. I'll say Apocalypse Now, but it could easily change another day.

I liked none of them on 1st viewing & now they're my favs. I too change my mind quite frequently as these are both incomparable masterpieces. btw im not talking about AN Redux- its boooooring. Damn- i watched it 1st. But i love the theatrical version. Coppola rocks.

The Godfather is vastly superior to Apocalypse Now.

When I saw The Godfather and thought it was boring, that was before I was a huge film fan. If I re-watch it, I bet I would like it a lot more. But I'm still sticking with Apocalypse Now...an outstanding film.

Apocalypse Now defined the war genre and because of that it wins by a wide margin.

Two excellent films directed by Coppola. Besides that, The Godfather is the clear winner.

Now that I think about it, this is a little tougher than I thought. I think AN tends to drag a little bit at some points, especially the last 2-3 minutes. Could it still be the better overall movie though. I think I'll go with Godfather for now.

Apocalypse Now. I really love both films, but Apocalypse Now is the more meaningful experience.

Switching to AN.

1972's The Godfather And 1979's Apocalypse Now Are Both Better Movies.

i will make you an offer you can't refuse : the godfather wins this one

Gotta go Apocalypse Now.

Apocalypse Now

Godfathers style and charisma wins it for me.

Right now its Godfather.

I prefer Brando's Godfather performance and the mafia setting and story.

I love the Godfather, but Apocalypse Now has stuck with me like no other film has. IMO, the best sounding movie ever made.

Apocalypse Now is the definition of cinematic poetry. Godfather was entertaining but I don't feel it possesses the same artistic value that the philosophical Apocalypse Now exudes.

Godfather. Apocalypse Now did not exude art to me at all. Godfather is one of the best directed films ever made.

I'll have to go with the Godfather on this one, but its close.

Huh...a bit surprised that Apocalypse Now is winning this, especially since The Godfather is the finer film, and that's not a knock against Coppola's fantastic war-classic but rather a testament of the quality of Coppola's near flawless mob-drama!

Apocalypse Now, without a mother fucking doubt!

apocalypse... ¡NOW!

I never would've expected to say Apocalypse Now over The Godfather, but that day has come. These two films hold my #1 and #2 spots on my Flickchart now.

Apocalypse Now. The script, The cinematography, lighting, transitions, literary and syllogistic implications, philosophical and moral challenges, sociological satire, etc. Great piece of art that surpasses Godfather as a film as a whole. IMDB lists Shawshank Redemption as #1. For sake of argument let's focus on #2 which is Godfather. A couple forums with the debate of Apocalypse vs Godfather, Apocalypse wins. A couple forums where the debate whether Copolla vs Kubrick...Kubrick wins overall considering his consistent overall body of work however if one film was to rule them all it would be Apocalypse now. Conclusion? IMDB is not fully accurate and in more specialized debates, Apocalypse seems to be the clear winner.

Apocalypse Now changed the way I see the world.

Both are among the greatest films ever made, Coppola was unrivalled in the 1970s. The Godfather is the better of the two though.

Two masterpieces. Apocalypse now could beat part II & III but certainly not part I.

I go with The Godfather, because Apocalypse Now is a little boring for me to watch three hours of the movie, and almost nothing impressed me of apocalypse now.

Apocalypse Now for being more coherent and eventful!

i go with The Godfather

The Godfather may not have the audacious film-making of Apocalypse Now, but neither does the clumsily strung together Apocalypse Now have the impeccable Form of The Godfather. Throughout AN, one could easily sense Coppola's dilemma, "We have shot some fantastic scenes, now how do we put them together into something meaningful/workable?" For sure, Godfather is the better classic.

Adding one more vote as 33 is a significant number in that cancer to humanity known as Freemasonry.

Apocalypse now is More entertaining

Apocalypse Now by far.

Absolutely love both classic masterpieces but Apocalypse now has the better great pacing.

Love both but Apocalypse Now has the best effort by it's greatest cut films between Redux and Final Cut.


Still love both films but leaning back towards The Godfather.

Dear Francis Ford Coppola, could you please make a movie under 3 hours? Thank you in advance.

Pfff The Godfather easily

Apocalypse Now.

Apocalypse Now. I find the godfather boring, would much rather watch the departed and goodfellas. Apocalypse Now is the best war movie ever made and it is so entertaining. Also, it isnt as long as the godfather

I may go with apocalypse now but as the godfather is still beyond classic.

The godfather, I believe, is a better constructed film, but Apocalypse Now is just phenomenal as well. But yeah, I think The Godfather narrowly edges it out


The Godfather nudges it out barely.

The Godfather, on rewatch, is better and it isn't all that close. I adore Apocalypse Now, but I do think The Godfather is comfortably above it.