Apocalypse Now vs. MASH



In my mind, both police actions were equally hilarious.

Breaking it down: (1) Overlapping Dialogue vs. Overhamming Brando, (2) Surgeries vs. Water Buffalo Slaughter, (3) Heart Transplant vs. Heart of Darkness, (4) "Suicide is Painless" vs. "Ride of the Valkyries", (5) Robert Duvall vs. Robert Duvall. M*A*S*H wins, even though I've always hated that hand + legs thing on the box.

Are you serious? I've always thought the hand/legs thing oddly provocative. Sexually provocative, I mean.

Well, among other issues, the legs are facing the wrong way. I figure the back of the hand should match the back of the legs. Maybe it had to face that way in order to prevent full frontal nudity from appearing on the cover.

I'm sure the evils of frontal nudity were considered, as in all things, but I think you'll find that the legs are oriented correctly if the "analogy" is to the wrist and the inside of the arm.

Sooo tough... Apocalypse Now wins because it was technically better. MASH was great, but I dunno, I have to give it to Apocalypse here...

It doesn't seem like the obvious choice but I gotta go with M*A*S*H as the better movie.

MASH is funny cool and semi-sexy a fun watch but Apocalypse NOW! is epic Brando is fierce and unflinching top 20 war film ever top 5 NAM film a little long but I enjoy the story and real portrail of it. Clearly the better made movie.

MASH wins here it was sure close

Apocalypse Now is the best war film of all time because it's not really about war and it's one of the best films of all time. MASH is greatly directed and acted too and one of the best black comedies of all time but I gotta go with Apocalypse Now