Apocalypse Now vs. The Deer Hunter



Arguably the two greatest war films ever. This is probably the toughest call I've had to make thus far.

I defy anybody to make this call.

Both long, epic war films... Which is the more impressive... Which to choose?

Very hard. But it's The Deer Hunter for me.

Apocalypse Now is the greater achievement

Apocalypse Now

Two absolutely incredible portrayals of Vietnam. I'm totally torn about this, but I think Apocalypse Now edges out The Deer Hunter ever so slightly.

i didn't like The Deer Hunter

These are my two favorite war movies of all time. Both for different reasons. Apocalypse Now deals with themes beyond just the war and leaves you dumbfounded, whereas The Deer Hunter deals with three individual men and the trials they face. I will say Apocalypse Now, only because it is a perfect film.

Both these flicks are top notch war movies, no doubt. The better one, very difficult. I'd much rather watch Deer Hunter again, but I can't argue with the titanic production Apocalypse Now must have been. That movie just has such a tremendous weight about it, I'll give it the edge in this matchup.

Apocalypse Now. No doubt.

Most people will say "Two of the best War Movies of All-Time." I didn't like either....and I've given both multiple opportunties....fate decides...

Honestly I didn't care for either, I found them both to be overlong and boring. Apocalypse Now wins.

This one is easy...Apocalypse Now is so much more memorable.

Both are Great movies about the Vietnam War, but there's just something more personal about The Deer Hunter.

I didn't find either of these films boring like everyone hear is saying here. Apocalypse Now wins without a doubt though, easily the better done film.

I love both, but AN has the edge.

Apocalypse Now!

Both are masterpieces however I would have to say Apocalypse Now. Though The Deer Hunter was more emotionally powerful, Apocalypse Now captured a rare view on war that many war films do not succeed in doing. Instead of portraying war as an action adventure, Apocalypse Now immersed you in a nightmare of chaos and insanity which is the only way I can imagine war feeling.

These two movies are both my favorite war movies. Deer Hunter is an beautifully made movies with an incredible cast. But it's still no match for Francis Ford Coppola's epic Vietnam masterpiece. Apocalypse Now also has one of the best anti heroes in cinema history, Col. Kurtz, and Marlon Brando's amazing performance. I say Apocalypse now.

Forget my last comment. Both are amazing films. I've seen Apocalypse Now 4 times and it is in my top 40 now. I finally gave The Deer Hunter a second chance a few days ago and what do you know? Its fantastic. It made my top 100.

The Deer Hunter easy

Apocalypse Now is a fine ass film indeed.

A more balanced fight than most, but Apocalypse Now for sure.

Very close. But I choose the deer hunter.


Apocalypse Now is the best war film of all time and Deer Hunter is not far behind.

Apocalypse Now is a very great war epic. Deer Hunter really failed to hold my attention. It took too long to get anywhere and it’s destination wasn’t even that interesting.