Atonement vs. The Terminal



in its clever, earnest humor, The Terminal captures the highest highs and lowest lows of love so much better than the emotional grandstanding of Atonement. Spielberg FTW.


I love them both but the romantic in me picks Atonement.

No no no no. Not that difficult at all. The Terminal is pretty nice, I enjoyed it. But Atonement is of a whole other level, what a beautiful movie!

Catherine Zeta Jones > Keira Knightley.

I'm with RoelBogers 100%. To even insinuate that The Terminal is slightly better than Atonement (let alone much better) is completely ridiculous. The Terminal is pleasant and I enjoyed it, but- Atonement? It goes beyond simplistic pleasantries and achieves greatness.

I hated Atonement. As much as I agree with both piett and nc, what ultimately harasses my the most about the film is the vile set of characters in it. I wanted to punch them all in the dick for being so boring a dicky.


Terminal is a just okay movie to me, it loses most matchups in my eyes