The A-Team vs. The Losers



Arn't these pretty much the same movie? Either way, The A-Team was actually damn fun. Just turn off your brain and enjoy. I was afraid of how Rampage was going to do but I thought he did great. Every character, even the bad guys are enjoyable in some way.

The A-Team is what The Losers was trying to be but failed. The Hannibal character said it best with one line of dialogue, “Overkill is underrated” and in this case, it’s probably true.

I'm convinced The Losers is the result of A-Team's script being stolen, slightly modified and fast-tracked into theaters before A-Team so no one would realize it's a rip-off. Both movies start and end in pretty much the same way as well as hit many the same points in between. That said, A-Team had creativity and charm with its over-the-top action sequences and character play. The Losers are just that by comparison.

Every time A-Team is on Sky I just sit and watch. It's one of the most fun films I've ever seen. It's criminal how poor it's box office was, truly deserves a sequel. The Losers was decent and definitely not The A-Team.

I watched The Losers on a train well after it's underperforming effort at the box office. So I knew that there would be no sequel, that's where my frustration starts. I hate movies that set up a sequel at the end of the movie, before it's certain that it will happen. Sure if your film is Lord of the Rings, go for it, The Losers.... not so much. The film suffers for it and left me angry and feeling that I wasted my time following a storyline that finishes with setup that will never be resolved.

Sketch < Masterpiece

The two films seem so extremely similar, and I feel like it isn't the popular opinion, I feel like The Losers did the same stuff as the A-Team but with so much more style to it. The A-Team may be a classic show, but The Losers was so much more fun, and when I saw the A-Team after it, it just felt like it was a step down from The Losers

They are both similar yes. Losers is more enjoyable