Total Recall vs. Total Recall



I was hoping for this match-up! Total Recall the younger is slicker and shinier. The original is good, perverse fun with a heart and the one that I'll pick.

The new one feels totally different. I especially liked the fact Wiseman didn't follow the exact same scenario of the original movie. Also having Kate Beckinsale on board is always exciting. And with Bill Nighy's cameo, it felt like a Underworld reunion.


While the original is entertaining Wiseman's is far superior...

I have absolutely nothing against the remake. It was great. But nostalgia gives the original the victory...

I liked the remake but I always love watching Arnie's version the original is so funny and over the top its a true sci-fi classic!

The remake lacks something.... The original is fun, cheesey and gory like any Arnie film should be.

Total Recall

Both are fun; neither is GREAT. I have no strong nostalgic ties to the original, so for now, I will choose the remake.

*Slaps johnmason in the face* How could you??

I like the 2012 version, but come can't beat Arnold!


Original by far. The remake was a total lobotomy.

Original (1990) is way better than Remake (2012), but Remake is worst

I finally got a chance to see the 2012 version and... yeah, it's fine. Average. Kinda good. Didn't dislike it. No way I'd put it above the original.


A remake was unnecessary.