Alien³ vs. Fight Club



While I'm really not crazy about either, I'm gonna have to go with Alien3.

Fight Club beats even the first Alien, so it utterly destroys the 3rd one.

I absolutely hate Alien3. It takes everything great about the first two films and craps all over them with a nonsensical storyline and piss-poor performances. That being said, it's still a better movie than Fight Club.

Fight Club destroys all of the Alien movies, the only competition is probably Aliens in terms of that series. David Fincher ruined the Alien series, but with Fight Club he attained a cult following and a film that is still strong of today.

Fight Club crushes here.

Fincher's worst (by far) vs his best. Fight Club in a landslide.

I second mjr256 comment.

Ugh...bad movie vs. bad movie. Alien 3.

One is loved for the wrong reasons, the other is hated for the wrong reasons. Must be frustrating being David Fincher in the 90s...

Alien 3>Fight Club

Fight Club is very overrated but Alien 3 is unwatchable trash in every way!

It's kinda funny that Alien 3 has more votes now, considering that Fight Club is consistently regarded as Fincher's best and Alien 3 as Fincher's worst.