Alien³ vs. Alien



Not even close.

The original gets this one, but it doesn't take anything away from my enjoyment of Alien ³

I really need to re-watch Alien ³ because I think I might enjoy it more. But come on, it's not ever going to come close to Alien, no matter how many times I watch it.

Alien 3 is the second best in the series but the first film in a series is usually always the best. Alien is my #1. Love the setting, story and the classic Ripley character. Perfect blend of sci-fi and horror. This film is the reason it's favourite genre.

I agree, will_lee. Even if it hadn't establishes everything we know about the Aliens universe, it would be the best of the films. Once you give it credit for its artistic design, its monsters, its characters, and its picture of a corporatist distopia, it's unbeatable. Alien3 was a return to series roots and themes- isolation, paranoia, and the choice between survival and sacrifice, hope and nihilism.

Alien crushes.

Change of heart, I'm sticking with Alien 3 which is a pretty underrated film.

No contest...the only thing that was worse than Alien 3...was Resurrection...

Alien by far, I hated Alien3.

alien all the way

By far the first Alien

Alien 1 is better

Liked 3, loved 1st.

Alien destroys most movies. This pretty bad sequel is one of them.

Alien and Aliens is one of the best duos I've ever seen. Alien3 is where the franchise begins to fall apart and never regains.

It's very surprising that despite owning its VCD from the 90s all these years, and despite having watched just about every canon and non-canon installment in the shared Alien Universe -- from AVP to Predators to Prometheus, it wasn't until 2017 that I got around to watching Alien 3. During this long interval was weaved a woolly anticipation for this problematic production. Some called it a fulfilling failure, others accused it of ruining the series, most agreed it couldn't match its predecessors. Me? I find company with a passionate minority who see it for the flawed masterpiece it is. When I watch Alien 3 I see a lair of evil brutally sinister in its vision of inhumanity, unlike any other film within the series or outside it. One can tell it's a strangled work of the artist who went on to achieve bleak masterpieces like Se7en and Zodiac. Of the few films that, for me, carried that uncanny atmosphere of death in an oblivion damned to hell, Fincher has directed three. He may have disowned Alien 3, but it's here to stay.

Alien3 just sucks. Bad characters, no tension and shoddy direction. Alien wins!

Is this even a question?

Alien the original, no doubt.

Alien is in top 50 movies, maybe even top 20 of all time. Alien 3 was an uncalled for sequel that ruins Aliens, and what it gave after that wasn't much better. Bland characters, and a lot of just, well, passing time, with not knowing what it wants to do really. And with special effects worse then the one 13 years ago. I'm not gonna pretend that it's the worse sequel, or even the worse Alien movie, but it's no masterpiece, that's for sure. The only thing I really cared for was the cast, which was far far, far above average. But other than that, I just wished they stopped after Aliens. That's the end of the series for me.