Alien ³ vs. The Exorcist III



Exorcist III is a gem while Alien ³ is a piece of coal that could of been a diamond, oh well.

I'll go with The Exorcist of the most memorable jump scares of my life....unforgettable...

Exorcist III, AKA That One Part With the Guy Covered in Toilet Paper With the Giant Scissors: The Movie

^Well, yeah, that's an apt description. I'm probably alone when I say that Alien3 is the worst of the original four Alien films; I don't know how the theatrical cut compares to the assembly cut, but since I've only seen the latter I can only judge that version. It's really boring, with people talking about nothing, shitty effects, people talking about nothing, cartoony and out of place characters, people talking about nothing, a nonexistant story and everyone's favorite, people talking. Alien Resurrection at the very least had some interesting visuals and entertaining but admittedly stupid action scenes instead of the constant dark, empty, dull drab of Alien3. The Exorcist III has some great, sometimes phenomenal individual moments (most of which include Brad Dourif delivering his A-game), but as a whole it's pretty forgettable and fairly dull. It is much better than Alien3 though, but then again most things in life are.

Alien 3 had some cool parts but as a whole, Exorcist 3 is far better.