Alien³ vs. Alien: Resurrection



Some people might punch mefor the two sentencs I'm abut to type. I don't really like the Alien films. Alien Resurrection was My favorite.

both were pretty bad compared to the first two, but Alien 3 did give us David Fincher

i love Alien and Aliens so much. i just pretend these two don't exist. choosing between them,,,agh who cares?

Wow, maddhatter, that's bold. Good on ya. Me, I love the Alien franchise. I even like Resurrection. But I prefer Alien 3 for the fascinating look at the budding genius that was David Fincher, hampered by massive studio interference. Perhaps Resurrection is a more fun movie, but Alien 3 fascinates me. (For the record: Aliens > Alien > Alien 3 > Alien Resurrection.)

Yes I too love the Alien movies. Sigourney Weaver is a great actress. Though I do prefer Alien 3 over Alien Resurrection. Mainly because the fourth movie was a bit of a streach of a story. To me I thought the third movie pretty much wrapped everything up, but I guess that is HollyWood for you.

Two bad sequels to two great first films. Alien 3 was so disappointing that I'm actually tempted to choose Resurrection here.


After Alien 3 the series needed Resurrection.

Turd Sandwich vs Giant Douche.

I only recently watched the four Aliens movies. This week, in fact. I may have liked Alien Resurrection if it were a stand alone non-Alien franchise movie. But as part of the Aliens universe, I felt it was the weakest of the four movies. By far.

Two underrated movies that arguably would have been better off had they not been linked to the previos two movies (which are certainly superior). Resurrection really doesn't feel like an Alien movie at all, though, and Alien 3 does LOOK great. So I'll give the nod to Fincher here.

Resurrection has more story and better production values than Alien 3, which was the worst of the four, so far.

I thought that Resurrection truly was the worst Alien film out of the 4. Alien 3 is decent but it isn't as bad as Resurrection.

After enjoying Alien and Aliens, I feel bad saying that I didn't like Alien 3. While I agree that Alien Resurrection may not feel like that "proper" sequel that everyone else mentions they want, I feel like it was a better one than Alien 3.

It's not the popular opinion, but Alien3 is definitely ahead of its sequel. Both films have visionary artists at their helms, both took the characters to unfamiliar places with new rules. Both have very strong casts. But Alien3 feels like a proper ending, and Alien Resurrection feels like a violation of a rebirth (which is fitting, in a way, considering its script). Resurrection also ends up being less artistic and more Hollywood than its pedigree would have suggested. My vote goes to Alien3-- especially the extended DVD cut.

It's all well and good that Alien 3 gave us David Fincher and whatnot, but the sets are drab and many of the characters are interchangeable, with the exception of one who is killed off FAR too early. You can't expect Fincher to deliver a good movie when he's having to rewrite the script as he was shooting and that's what stands out the most - the painful story and script. The inmates suddenly become spectacularly profane in the second half, we spend twenty minutes running through stale corridors and that ending... that awful Theatrical Cut ending! It's true that the Director's Cut is significantly better, but Alien Resurrection is way, way ahead of Alien 3. Resurrection took the series in a completely different direction, which is what it needed and what Fincher tried to do. He wasn't allowed to do it; Jeunet was. It's that simple. Is it Fincher's fault that Alien 3 was bad? Nope. But does that mean it's a good movie? Absolutely not.

Alien 3 is better. It is so entertaining and I love to see how they survive, the extended 2 and a half hour one is so much more engaging, especially in Blu Ray.

If don't feel good with the direction that "Prometheus" shifted the Alien Franchise,re-watch those movies ,please.

Alien 3 any day. It's not as bad as everyone makes it out to be in my opinion. It's no masterpiece by any means, but it beats Resurrection any day! :P

The Xenomorph comes from a dog? I'll take it! At least it's better than the weird baby thing at the end of Resurrection.

resurrection is quite cool, alien 3 was a misstep in every way

I saw these when they came out and haven't seen them since. I don't remember them at all, I just remember thinking they were shit. So here's what I recall of their plots. Alien 3: Sigourney Weaver gets trapped in a bunch of green metal tubes with a very unfortunate looking CGI alien that runs on the ceiling. There are a bunch of Australian or British guys for some reason. Alien Resurrection: Sigourney Weaver gets trapped in a bunch of orange/pink metal tubes, and now she's an X-Man or something. She meets Gary Busey's son for some reason. She's really good at basketball. The latter one sounds more interesting in hindsight, so I guess I'll go with that.

Y'know, as bad as Alien: Resurrection is, I do think it's better than Alien3. Or, well, at least it's more enjoyable to sit through. Alien3 was such an uneventful mess, with characters that were both cartoony and instantly forgettable, no real story to speak of, themes about religion that were so half-baked that they were unnecessary and special effects that were really dated. Alien: Resurrection is more like a cheesy sci-fi action film, and as that, it does suffice. Besides that, the film is actually really well made. The production design and effects are top-notch, especially for its time. The film is pretty to look at, so I guess there's that. And whereas Alien3 has cartoony characters, Alien: Resurrection has cartoony characters that actually work with the overall tone of the film, which wasn't the case in Alien3. And that's what Resurrection is: a cheesy B-movie. Not a great entry in the Alien series, not at all; but as "shut-your-brain-off" entertainment, I would argue that it's certainly above average.

I actually didn't mind the effects in resurrection, if I saw it as the age of 5 I would have loved it, but I didn't. Nowadays I can look past cool effects and suffer from the rape of a beloved franchise.

Alien 4

Wow! I thought the theatrical cut of Alien 3 was bad. Alien: Resurrection brings new meaning to the word atrocious. On a side note I also watched the Assembly Cut of Alien 3 and it was surprisingly good.

I thought Alien 3 was okay. It worked as a logical sequel to the series, continuing and ultimately ending the entire story. I also wasn't as cut up about Noot and Hicks' deaths (the phrase "cut up" may have been a poor choice of words there, ick). It was dark and kinda creepy, and the dog Xeno was cool, even if the CGI was pretty terrible. Alien Resurrection was invented just to make more money. It was kind of fun, and the Xenomorphs looked great, but the characters were godawful, Ripley was weird and disgusting and the "Newborn" was horrifying.

In a perfect world, Cameron's Aliens would've been the end of that franchise. But alas, Fincher (who I thought would be the perfect director to pick up where Ridley Scott and James Cameron left off) messes up a fine sequel. Perfect example of "leave well enough alone". Was really disappointed with Fincher, and the others that came after were even worse. Reminds me of The Matrix sequels. Just need to know when to stop. I guess I despise Alien3 less than Alien Resurrection.

Let's be clear, Sigourney Weaver is in Resurrection but certainly not Ripley.

Alien Resurrection is bad but not terrible. The acting was awful, the characters were weak (the first 20 minutes are confusing because the characters just walk on screen instead of being given a proper introduction), in the last 15 minutes everything that can happen does happen. Also, the design for the Newborn is probably the worst design for any creature in any movie. But there were redemptive qualities in the effects (minus the outside shots of the ships and a few of the Xyenomorph shots), the set designs are pretty good, some scenes are tense but the poor characterisation make it hard to be invested. It has the style of an Alien movie, just not the substance. Pretty sets and visuals without a story is just icing on the cake to me. Alien 3 doesn't even have the style of an Alien movie.

Alien 3 is the fifth best in the franchise after the first 2 and Prometheus and Covenant, which isn't saying a lot for the film, but at least it isn't Resurrection!

Alien3 and ain't even close. Of all Alien films, it has the most downbeat and uneasy atmosphere.

They're both pretty awful. I do like the visuals of Resurrection better, and it's not as drawn-out, but the scariest thing in it is Dan Hedeya's shoulder pelt. III at least has some tense moments, and unlike its sequel, I don't question its existence, just the execution.

Alien 3 honestly ain't that bad...

Alien Resurrection>Alien 3

I've never understood the hate for alien 3 I think that movie is awesome and my favourite in the franchise also resurrection was awful