Boogie Nights vs. The Wolf of Wall Street



To somewhat similar films, think I'll give it to Scorsese.

"To" instead of "two"? Really?

If you can believe it, Wolf of Wall Street is the racier film, a much much better film however.

Wolf Of Wall Street by a slight margin

Yes very similar films, and I love Leo, but Boogie is just the greatest.

I'll go either way here. Whatever is higher...

Wolf of Wall Street.

I really don't think they're that similar, but if you think about it Boogie Nights rips off older Scorsese films so if you feel that Wolf of Wall Street rips off Boogie Nights then its really just Scorsese ripping off himself. Anyways, I loved Boogie Nights, but its definitely Wolf of Wall Street for me.

The Wolf wins...

This is tough. I think I'll give it to Boogie Nights for now.

I'll take Wolf of Wall Street for now but I can definitely see myself picking Boogie Nights in the near future. Both films are wildly and consistently entertaining for such daring run times, but for whatever reason, I'm siding with the Wolf for now.