Deadpool vs. The Avengers



Marvel Face/Off! I loved DeadPool but Until I see it again I'm taking Avengers.

I'll go with The Avengers here, it was better plotted and also I think it had more heart. Also I think the movie was funnier too, which is not something I was expecting.

Avengers is epic and impressive in every way. Deadpool is a cool lark but it is going to wear thin fast in future installments.

I get that Avengers must have seen pretty impressive at the time, but tbh it just doesn't hold up as well to me for some reason... Deadpool is a lot more rewatchable imo

deadpool is far amazing but avengers has the best mcu plot and heart

both are overrated af but deadpool wins over the poorly aged avengers

Gotta go Avengers, but love 'em both...of course.