Deadpool vs. Avengers: Age of Ultron



The first of many. Just left Deadpool. Loved it but I'm going to take Avengers for now.

Avengers is the better film. As much as I liked Deadpool, you can tell it was a smaller budget movie. AOU spent big, went big and delivered.

The first match-match-up where I'm going to pick Deadpool.

Avengers Age of Ultron by quite a large margin. Deadpool is indeed tremendously fun and pretty much exactly what I expected it to be. Straight forward limited plot with a lot of funny one-liners and a lot of winking at the camera. Yet, that can't compare to true genre greats.

Deadpool, and it ain't even close.

Deadpool, easily. 2015 was a dull, dull year for superhero movies. I mean, Iron Man fought the Hulk and it was boring and stupid. How the hell is that possible. Deadpool isn't exactly the greatest thing ever, but at the very least it knew to be fun. Age of Ultron left me empty and confused.

Deadpool for me...quite easily actually...aou sucked big time...shitty dialogues, shitty jokes and the most pathetic part...made ultron look like a joke..

Age of Ultron is simply the far better movie.

I’m switching to DeadPool.

Avengers 2 is so damn good. Deadpool is so damn overrated.

Fate 'em both...

AOU stomps the first one


Dead pool over Age of Ultron

Deadpool easily over Age of Ultron