Deadpool vs. Captain America: The Winter Soldier



THE WINTER SOLDIER is my third favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, but DEADPOOL instantly became my second-favorite movie based on any Marvel character or book.

Winter Soldier is so much better. Deadpool was good crazed fun but it's not in the same league as the best the genre has to offer.

Deadpool is ALOT of fun, but ultimately I felt that it slowed down when it tried to be serious and the action in the climax wasn't as good as the action in the beginning. Edge goes to Winter Soldier for being exciting, engaging, and action-packed throughout.

Both are amazing. I'll take Cap.

Both are decent but very overrated. The biggest of the problems in these two are, well, the stories. Captain America: The Winter Solider is a generic spy thriller that just happens to have a superhero and Deadpool incorporates the most basic form of storytelling and (although, there are some very funny moments) humour as well. Anyway, Deadpool has a nice style and Ryan Reynolds is fantastic and I like what they do with Cap in Winter Solider and some of its sequences are very interesting. Also, the action in both are terrific. They go for a less CGI, more in-camera, hand to hand combat approach and it does payoff. Who wins? In 2016, I would’ve picked Deadpool because it came out at the perfect time. The comic book side of the film industry was in dire need of a hard and edgy film like Deadpool and it was a blast on my big screen. But 2 years later (and now that I’ve had time to reflect on it and watch it on Blu Ray in the comfort of my own home), the flaws are more apparent and I just no longer have the same experience. I’ve always had the same thoughts on Winter Solider and it narrowly beats Deadpool!

Winter Soldier is one of the greatest sequels ever made if not THE best. Deadpool was a lark but not in the same league.

oh, fuck me. Winter Soldier is probably one of the most well-made films out there. Deadpool is just a fucking blast, though. Tough for sure. I was WOWed by Winter Soldier, but I go back to Deadpool more often. I think I gotta pick Deadpool on this one the more I think about it.

I am going to pick Deadpool is much more original and funny than this Captain America who only think about his duty and his shield.