Foxy Brown vs. Coffy




Coffy kicks all kinds of ass, while Foxy Brown gets her ass kicked in all kinds of ways. It's strange how meek Pam is in FB. It has the cooler, more iconic title, but it is miles below Coffy.

Hey, I need to watch Coffy again, but Pam Grier is as far from meek in Foxy Brown as a badass woman can possibly be. Are you sure you're not confusing the two movies? Foxy kicks ass constantly. She beats up lesbians, sets rapists on fire, chops up a guy with an airplane propeller... she even threatens to kill her own brother. Yeah, I'm pretty sure you've got the flicks mixed up.

Nah, I gotta say Pam does more ass-kicking in Coffy. It's a bit more consistent in tone, too.

I will be performing a thorough, objective inquiry into this matter. I remember Coffy even being taken advantage of by her slimeball boyfriend. Foxy don't put up with no nonsense that I recall. We'll see...

Pam Grier is a badass in both and sexy as hell! but Foxy Brown is the more fun and action packed film!