Beauty and the Beast vs. Beauty and the Beast



The animated is far better than this live action pro gay version...

OMG! I think the animation one will always win because I saw it first and it was part of my childhood. The real action one is fabulous tho!

The original by far, the remake was just awful! Pacing was all wrong, huge lack of subtlety, and it should have let the emotion of the scene tell the story. Some new additional moments felt completely unnecessary and out of place, whilst everything else was basically shot for shot, line for line a copy/paste of the original. It was flat and soulless, with unfunny humour and terrible renditions of classic numbers. Yeah, as you can see I really didn't like it. The original is a timeless classic which cannot be replicated.


The main criticism that the remake gets is it's comparison to the cartoon.

animated is better

I think it's hilarious that Straight People are whining about the new BatB movie being pro-gray just because they've made Lefou, who has always been a homophobic stereotype, slightly more clear about his attraction to Gaston, and then let him dance with another dude for five minutes. If that's enough to upset people I wonder how they can even go outside. Anyway, the new movie has an impressive supporting cast but brings very little that's new to the table, story-wise. Watson seems unable to express wonder OR fear, and it feels like every single one of Belle's actions was overnalyzed by the writing team and adjusted for Maximum Spunkiness. The animated film by far.

I know the songs are great in two versions at the same kind, but I think the live-action remake is boring. So, I prefer the original Disney animated classic to be honest.

I love beauty and the beast its such a timeless classic and one of the best animated movies of all time so it was hard for me to admit that I love the live action more but I do emma Watson is such a fantastic actress and I loved her take on belle the new songs where so beautiful especially evermore and I just loved seeing a timeless masterpiece like beauty and the beast in live form and done so perfectly so begin honest the live action beauty and the beast takes it for me but I love both so much

The remake is horrendous. The lines that were so powerful and emotional in the animated version were just kind of flat and rushed in the remake. Like the scene when the Beast shows Belle the library. It was so much more effective when he wanted to do something special for her (showing her the library) and having her close her eyes because he wanted to surprise her. In the remake Beast is critizing a book Belle liked, and he says, “So many better things to read.” And Belle says, “Like what?” And the Beast just waltzes into the library with Belle and says, “Well there are a couple of things in here you could start with.” The way that played out just sucked. No emotion. It was such a special moment in the animated version when Beast says, “!” And Belle opens her eyes to see the library. Beast was HAPPY to show her, he was smiling. This new Beast was just being a jerk and showing her where she could find some books that don’t suck according to him. That’s how most of this movie played out for me. Just completely void of emotion and heart. I didn’t like a single character more than the animated classic. They all sucked compared to the Animated one. Especially Gaston. All and all, the remake is terrible and the animated classic destroys this garbage.