Halloween vs. Halloween




The original, of course, but the new on is very competent sequel. Although, not quite as a effective as the critics hype from festivals led me to believe. Still, it's a very pleasant surprise compared to the shit we've seen Laurie and Michael.

Halloween 2018 is heavily flawed, but I'll give credit where it's due. It really reminded me of why I love revisiting the original every year. The atmosphere is spot on and matches the original, which is really refreshing since the sequels strayed so far from it. And that's the biggest compliment I can give Halloween 2018. It breathed new life into this dead franchise while staying mostly true to the original. My two biggest complaints would be that I felt it relied too heavily on blood and gore (particularly the head stomping), whereas that was nearly non-existent in the original. And also that strange plot twist towards the third act was a little off-putting. I have minor nitpicks, like the hundreds of jump scares that you can see coming a mile away, but that's pretty standard for modern horror movies so I expected it. Obviously, the original Halloween is better, but the new one is definitely refreshing in its own right and I'm excited to see where the next movie will go.

Halloween 2018 was really good, but i have the feeling that the first half was stronger and way more intense than the second one. But i will go with John Carpenters original.

The new 2018 Halloween is my second favorite film in the series, right behind the original.

I wonder if the robot in 2030 will be called "The Halloween".