A Bug's Life vs. Ratatouille



A nice Pixar battle. While "A Bug's Life" was certainly a cute story with excellent characters, Ratatouille was beautiful and tugged at all the right heart strings. A quirky story that worked wonderfully.

Gotta agree. Pixar can do pretty much no wrong (still haven't seen Cars due to lack of interest, only one I've not loved has been Finding Nemo, but it was still pretty good). That said, Ratatouille wins this matchup easily.

Pixar keeps improving over the years, and while A Bugs Life was a good movie, Ratatoulle has more depth and was a better overall movie.

Hmmmmmm. While Ratatouille was very well done and I loved it I'm going to have to go with A Bug's Life. I felt it was a little more clever than Ratatouille and the dialog was a tad wittier. Not as witty as Antz but still.... Perhaps I need to re-watch it and evaluate the two again.

Ratatouille is my least favourite Pixar movie. I appreciate the amazing animation, but the story just didn't work for me.

'Ratatouille' was a great, original story while 'A Bug's Life' was a great film it was essentialy a family version of 'The Seven Samurai' and as of such is a lesser film.

Ratatouille. A Bug's Life was more boring I think.


I think Ratatouille is Pixar's best film, to be honest. I'm going for that one, but I do love A Bug's Life -- great childhood memories when I watched it in theaters. ^_^

This one is actually really close for me. Ratatouille has the very slight edge.

so hard but the Idea of Bugs Life still gets me love the film a tad more!

difficult cause I like both, but I feel more nostalgia for a bug's life