A Bug's Life vs. Finding Nemo



Two Pixar giants! It killed me to have to pick Nemo.

This is Pixar's finest vs. Pixar's weakest. A Bug's Life is still a great film, but this is no contest.

I agree Bug's Life is a great movie (all Pixar movies are) but Finding Nemo is one of their best. I think Nemo is as good as the Incredibles and Up.


I personally loved A Bug's Life even more than Nemo.

Finding Nemo>>>>>>>>>>>>> A Bug's life

a bugs life was DUMB and OVERRATED

A Bug's Life is a masterpiece. And one of my 5 fave Pixar films. But Nemo still wins this I'm sorry.

Absolutely loved both of these. Have to give Nemo the edge...but that's definitley not a slight on A Bug's Life...

I don't get the love for Finding Nemo. Bug's Life blows it out of the water.

Both amazing films from Pixar and both are childhood favorites, Nemo wins it.


Bug's Life is fun, no doubt. And I don't think it's PIXAR's weakest--they've taken a turn for the worse lately. But Finding Nemo is part of what I consider PIXAR's best streak, from Toy Story 2 through The Incredibles. There's no way it can lose here.

Nemo but its close.

Both are great but I'll go with Nemo

A Bug's Life is one of Pixar's weaker efforts, Nemo however is one of their best. Not much of a contest here.

Pixar's most underrated vs pixar's most overrated imo. What makes Finding Nemo extra overrated is the stoner turtles who do nothing. Half the "samurai" bugs in ABL are way better than a couple of turtles who smoke weed. Actually I love both films, but I've got to give this to Nebo for its awe of the ocean.

Finding Nemo. Best Pixar Movie EVER!