A Bug's Life vs. Up



The Pixar Grand Prix.

This one is close. A Bug's Life is cute, but a bit slow and not that much fun; Up has an amazing first half and a mediocre second half. I'll probably go with Up because of its more recent viewing, but I'll have to watch A Bug's Life again in order to truly make a judgement.


Squish,squash do the roach. Up is heavens above in quality.

Of course I love A Bug's Life. It's Pixar. But it's one of their weaker efforts. Up is phenomenally better.

I thought Up, like most of PIXAR's films between The Incredibles and Toy Story 3, was overrated, but still pretty good. Bug's Life, too, is not one of their best, but "still pretty good". Don't know what to go with here.

Thinking this over again, the only reason I chose up before was the 10 minute montage at the beginning. I love that montage, but the rest of the film is pretty blah and unoriginal to me. A Bug's Life is no more original, but I find it more enjoyable on the whole. So for today, it's A Bug's Life.

Agree with the above...the first 15 minutes of UP is simply unforgettable, but it slips as the movie continues. A Bug's Life was completely entertaining...and surprisingly...often forgotten.

A Bug's Life is underrated, but Up wins here.

I will have to go with A bugs life. It got a bum wrap for following pixars masterpiece toy story. Audience were expecting them to 1 up it but its not an easy feat. I still loved it tho

Up is Pixar's best work in my opinion. I have a lot of nostalgic feelings for A Bug's Life, but it's actually pretty flawed with cliches and borderline Cars-esque jokes. I'll probably still like it a lot (, it has been YEARS since I last saw it) though. But Up wins. Emotional, funny and nice to look at.

I think that Up is somewhat overrated, but it's still better than A Bug's Life.

A Bug's Life is tons of fun, and infinitely better than the mediocre Antz. Still, Up is truly incredible. It had me crying, laughing and cheering, and I'd gladly see it a dozen more times.

I know I'm in the minority here, but I prefer A Bug's Life and I admit nostalgia has a lot to do with it.

A Bug's Life

Bug's Life has the more clever solution, while Up had the incredible first 10 minutes as well as the solid ending. Up to personal tastes, I think I like the clever "stand up for yourself" rather than "it's the journey rather than the destination".


Wow, I'm pleasantly surprised ABL is hanging tough with Up. For me, ABL is Pixar's most under-appreciated and the winner here.

Definitely Up