Cheeky vs. Looker



Well, as a younger movie watcher, Looker was one of my earliest cinematic experiences with female nudity. I thought it was pretty hot stuff back in the day. As an adult, the nudity isn't quite as impressive (it was only rated PG, afterall), but the silly plot is even more entertaining. And the theme song is just as catchy as it ever was. Trasgredire is a sexy movie for the big boys, though. Looker does have some good looking actresses on display, but Yuliya Mayarchuk blows them all away in Trasgredire. I'm lucky I didn't see Trasgredire as a kid because the erotic shock might've caused me to instantaneously hit puberty.

Watching Susan Dey's cinematic career die in childbirth is slightly preferable to Tinto Brass' tedious quasi-pornographic flick.