Beverly Hills Cop II vs. Beverly Hills Cop



Great, now I can't get that synth keyboard song out of my head!

Been too long since I've seen Part II. I think I actually liked it just a little better, but for now, I'll have to go with the original.

I prefer the sequel. It's flashier and richer. Everything just looks more luxurious, and I'm a sucker for opulence.

For once, the sequel is better. BHII please :)

The sequel of course!

The First is way more entertaining, funnier, and has better acting overall.

The first one is "better" I guess. But Im way more entertained by the sequel...

Got to be the first one the story is better a revenge/mystery and Axel Foley is way funnier''Banana in the tail pipe" lol.

I enjoy both quite a bit but I'll have to go with the first one.

The sequel due to Tony Scott inserting more action and gunplay

LOVE them both! Happy I got these two here. I'll take the first one but the second is very underrated. In fact they may both be.