Superman IV: The Quest for Peace vs. Batman & Robin



the biggest Superman disaster ever vs the biggest Batman disaster ever. wow, i don't know who to root for. they're both so tragically terrible.

Seriously, the worst Superman film vs. the worst Batman flick? They're both so bad that I don't know which one to choose. Well, probably Batman & Robin because it was the bigger disappointment when I watched it.

By that, I obviously meant going with Superman IV. ;) I expected it to be pretty awful beforehand, thus it wasn't as disappointing as Batman & Robin.

By far, the worst Superman Film in the series, versus the worst Batman movie of the series. Seriously, how do you choose which one was "better"?

WTF,This is hard.

Holy ^$%$%^ bad movie batman!!! Which is worse??

This is actually easier than everyone is making it out to be. Batman and Robin's terrible. But Quest for Peace is boring. B&R may be a lot of things, but it ain't boring. Which one's better? I have no fucking clue. Which one would I rather watch? The one with the ice skates.

I agree totally with ToryK...Batman & Robin is easily the better movie, if only because its awfulness is so much more watchable. Superman IV: The Quest for Peace puts me to sleep.

To steal one from South Park....this is like choosing between a Giant Douche and a Turd Sandwich. There are no winners here...

Batman & Robin is funny. You all know it. Some of you admit it. The rest of you lie.

I'll take bad Christopher Reeve over George Clooney as Batman any day.

'Batman & Robin' is the more watchable of the two if for nothing other than the Arnold one-liners, of which I quote many often.

They are both the worst in their series, but Superman IV is 10 times worse!

The biggest Superman disgrace vs. the biggest Batman disgrace. But because I'm actually a Batman fan, I'll take the Batman disgrace... which is a reason to take the Superman disgrace instead because Batman & Robin was even more hurtful by that way but f*ck it.

Both are bad, but B&R is so bad it's good. Superman IV is horrid. B&R wins for me.

Both are pretty bad fourth entries to their respective series, but they do have some unintentional laughs. I gotta go with Superman IV though as it is much shorter.

At least Batman and Robin has Uma Thurman, and is somewhat entertaining.