I Want You vs. Bikini Girls on Ice



What Bikini Girls on Ice has most of is bikinis. For a slasher film, there is very little gore. I was surprised that it wasn't really much of a comedy, considering the title. I Want You is one of those old lover with a dark secret flicks. Rachel Weisz is a hairstylist whose boyfriend went to jail for murder. When he gets out, he wants to rekindle their relationship. There's also a blonde Euro-chick who has sex a lot and her mute brother involved as well. I Want You is OK, but the mystery isn't all that revelatory. I guess it's watchable for the slightly quirky presentation, but not much else. Bikini Girls on Ice could've been good if it was a bit crazier, or sleazier or bloodier, or something. It's just too average. So, I Want You wins for being more distinctive, but not by much.