Insomnia vs. Following




Both are brilliant films and are highly underrated. Insomnia has the slight edge.

Many people would choose Following, but Insomnia is definitely the better film. Both are nowhere near the level his other films bring.

Insomnia is quite an aberration, a deviation from Nolan's norm if you will. It's a good movie, but you can tell that there were other influences when you see the final product. Just doesn't have Nolan's fingerprints on it like with Memento, Inception, Prestige, and Following. Insomnia is Nolan's most linear, most straightforward movie yet. I've grown so accustomed putting my thinking cap on when watching Nolan's movies that anything less is a disappointment. That being said, I give Following the edge.

Following would be a good movie if the same guy hadn't made Memento. As is, it looks like a low-budget gimmick without the backbone of a good narrative. All style, little to no substance. Insomnia is decent and definitely underrated. Not sure where these are on my Flickchart at the moment though. Lost in the middle.

These are probably Christopher Nolan's two weakest films. I agree that Following is unnecessarily gimmicky, but I like how the story zips along at a brisk pace (it's a really short movie). Insomnia, on the other hand, is the only Nolan film that I actively dislike. It's just a bore. Following wins...

Following is a great film and I'm glad there are people discovering it. I choose over Insomnia, which is also very good.

Both are truly pieces of shit and 20% of my bottom 10.

Two underrated classics to help kick start one of the greatest cinematic careers of all time. Nolan is a true master of the craft of storytelling, constantly pushing the boundaries of film making and it's more than apparent with these two gems.

Both are excellent films that tend to get overlooked when it comes to Nolan's work. Personally, I like Following just a little more.

Just didn't love The Following...going with Insomnia...

Insomnia but it's close. They're both criminally underrated films.

Following is Nolan's most underrated film. The original Norwegian version of Insomnia is much better whilst Nolan's remake is terrible and insulting to anyone who saw the original.

Both are great. Nolan is the king.

weakest of the nolan movies are still great movies

I feel like Insomnia is slightly higher, but I'm biased towards Al Pacino.

Nolan's two least recognized films are both really solid in their own right. I give it to Insomnia bc I think it's definitely better overall, but Following has it's micro-budget charms and it's fun to see the small beginnings of Hollywood's current biggest director.