Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban vs. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers



again I have to choose between two of my fave franchises...as much as I ADORE TT I'm gonna have to with Sirius and Remus

I agree partially with angellwings, these are two of my fav franchies as well, however, Ima gonna go with LoTR TT.

The best movie of each franchise, respectively. As great as Prisoner of Azkaban is, no film can beat The Two Towers, though. It's my all-time favourite.


Even the best Harry Potter can't beat Jackson's masterpiece LOTR trilogy.

LOTR>Harry Potter. Every single time, every single aspect.

Looking back, I actually think this is one of my least favorite of the HP movies. Although I love that franchise dearly, the LOTR (any LOTR) wins out in this comparison.

I adore both franchises but LOTR is better than all Harry Potter books and movies combined.

harry potter is way better than lord of the ring. lord of the ring is boring long movie.

Gotta go with Two Towers on this one.


Azkaban is easily one of the best Harry Potter movies, and while it inches closer to my top 50, Two Towers remains in my top 30.

I'd say this is the best Harry Potter film but I still think those stories work better as books. Peter Jackson's LOTR films brought Tolkien's writing to life and they're my favourite epics so I'm definitely going with The Two Towers here.

This is a really hard one but I think its going to have to be TT. PA did not really blow me away as much as TT did

Let me just start out and say that Prisoner of Azkaban gets my vote. This was another great entry into the franchise. I really liked how they did the time travel, I was worried they would mess it up. The Lord of the Rings movies are all excellent. I really do like them. I have grown up with Harry Potter. I just really love these characters, and the story. There have been many Harry Potter directors, but I feel each brought the right fell to each movie. People look down on Harry Potter fans for the most part. Can't they except they mean something to us. They have some minor flaws, but I don't really care. Sometimes there are some minor plot holes as well. But having read the books multiple times I can fill in the blanks. These movies never get old, I can watch them anytime.

None of the Harry Potters are better than Lord of the Rings.

Two Towers, a very simple response for a easily decided matchup.

The best Harry Potter gets CRUSHED by the worst Lord of the Rings (note that TTT is still my 3rd favorite film of all time)

LOTR easily smashes any Potter flick....

Two Towers

Harry Potter is mostly overrated boring fantasy era, lord of the rings is obviously the greatest fantasy stories ever been made.

Prisoner of Azkaban takes this round. Two Towers had too much bloody violence.