Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban vs. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire



oh the harry potter movie battle. both great.

Goblet of Fire is the only movie where we truly get to enjoy Mad-Eye Moody (sort of), but Prisoner of Azkaban was really the one to show the potential of these films.

I liked Book 4 better, which may be why it was one of my least favorite of the movies: I was perhaps holding it to a higher standard. Prizoner of Azkaban is probably my favorite of the Harry Potter movies.

I can't say if it was the writing of the book or the writing of the film, but Goblet of Fire just...didn't make sense :/

Arguably the two best Harry Potter movies thus far (even though Deathly Hallows: Part 1 is a very close third). While Goblet of Fire is very good, Prisoner of Azkaban is nothing short of amazing.

Alfonso Cuarón really took the series where it needed to go with Azkaban in regards to building tension and creating characters that you really start to care about.


Prizoner Azkaban stayed faithful to the book for the most part and the changes made in the film worked for it. It's an outstanding movie. Goblet of Fire was quite a disappointing film. Not bad, but it could have been soooo much better as the novel is incredible. I could only imagine how great the film would have been in Alfonso Cuarón's hands.

O.o cant decide.....

These are my two favorite books in the series (along with 7, of course). While I felt the Azkaban movie did the book justice, I was disappointed with what I saw onscreen in Goblet. It was also more visually interesting and the performances were better. For instance, with the exception of the Yule Ball scene (which was quite well delivered), Emma Watson in GoF was annoyingly over-the-top, with nary a line left untarnished by the raising of an eyebrow; PoA, on the other hand, was one of her better installments. Similarly, Michael Gambon debuted quite nicely in Azkaban ("Did what? Good night") and then shouted his way through Goblet. Ugh.

Azkaban is the better movie and Cuaron is by far the better director.

A clear win for Azkaban. Goblet ain't all bad, but it ain't winning this one.

Azkaban because it introduced a lot of new aspects and characters to the series.

Azkaban! Goblet of Fire is the worst of the series.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is my 3rd favorite Harry Potter movie. The Goblet of Fire is my one of my least favorite Harry Potter movies. So Prisoner of Azkaban wins this time.

Gary Oldman vs. Robert Pattinson

Mishandling of book four swings this one in favour of the grim

I choose the Goblet of fire :D Cedric diggory ;)

I just liked the story and the character development more in PRISONER!

I enjoy both but Azkaban is one of my favorites of the series

Cuaron breathed new life into the film series and then later on, Yates took the ball and AND1'd the shit out of it. Goblet of Fire's not terrible, or even anywhere near approaching bad, but it's definitely the worst of the series. It does do a good job of signaling the change in tone, though. Shit gets really, really real after Goblet and it never stops.

I'm actually going to go against the grain here and say I thought Goblet was better. It had a slower pace, but I feel that's kind of a good thing as a lot of Azkaban happened to quickly.


Prisoner. It's pretty close tho.

Goblet of Fire. Priosoner of Azkaban is a bit overrated

Goblet of Fire....

Despite both are shity movies, then Prisoner of Azkaban is much less awful and boring than that horrible Goblet of Fire.

Prisoner of Azkaban would set the tone of the franchise while Goblet of Fire tries to one it up.