Cast Away vs. Men in Black



Both are ridiculously well-made movies and completely different genres, so it's a tough one for me. Cast Away wins by a nose, I think because it's so intense and riveting for me.

I think MIB will win, just because. Both are good movies, though very different.

What I like about "Cast Away" is that it's rather brave to build an entire film around one guy being stranded, and Hanks was great. That said, I have little desire to re-watch the film. While I don't make it a point to revisit "Men in Black" often, it still entertains me.

Cast Away is completely overrated. Hanks just isn't good enough to carry an entire movie all by himself.

MiB is great but Castaway, or should I say Hanks, is far better.

I'm going with MiB simply because of the fact that it's stuck with me longer. I love Hanks in Cast Away, but I love Jones and Smith more.

Men in Black beat Cast away my faar. The story and acting in Cast Away is somewhat better, and the feelings run deeper. Men in Black on the other hand open a door of aliens and worlds that we normaly only can dream of..It made me take a second look at the stars and ask myselfe "what if....?".

Cast away takes it over "Ghostbusters lite"

Men in Black, there is only so much screentime you can fill up with a man talking to a volleyball before I get bored.