Cinderella vs. Oz the Great and Powerful



Cinderella may lack originality, but it's pretty and the acting is consistently good. Milan Kunis's wicked witch in Oz, on the other hand, is just embarrassing.

Oz gets the edge for essentially being a family-friendly remake of "Army of Darkness"

Cinderella!! hands down the best live-action fairy tale adaptation i have ever seen (except for Black Swan but in my mind i don't count it that much as fairy tale i know that's cheatin) .

I'm guessing Kersey475 watches RedLetterMedia.


Cinderella is a wonderful live action fairy tale. Oz not so wonderful......

I agree with you, ear. Gonna go with Cinderella.

In terms of these bland, soulless Disney remakes, Sam Raimi manages to inject a little more charm and pizazz to Oz than Branagh did for Cinderella.