Overboard vs. Over the Top



I picked up Over the Top on DVD, and here in Canada it's rated G. It is a good example of '80s cheese that is fun to watch today. There is an annoying child actor scale, with a 1 being Tootie from Meet Me in St. Louis, or Flora from The Piano; and a 10 being Joey from Shane, or Anakin from Phantom Menace. The boy who plays Stallone's son ranks only about a 3 or a 4, so that makes the movie immensely more watchable. Overboard played about every other weekend in reruns many years ago. I like Over the Top better.

It's so sad that ive seen both of these movies. I mean, neither is especially terrible, but they're both just such a waste of time. The Stallone one is kind of unintentionally funny so it gets the win here.

I kind of loved Overboard - it isn't a masterpiece, but anyways it's a good flick.