Funny People vs. I Love You, Man



I Love You, Man was a movie I fully expected to hate. Funny People was a movie I fully expected to love. Liked both a great deal, but loved neither. Funny People gets the nod for the simple fact that it is Appatow and I have yet to see a film from the man that I did not enjoy a great deal.

I seem to be in the minority in really disliking I Love You, Man. Funny People needs a rewrite/edit, but it has real emotions to hook into.

I liked I Love You, Man more than Funny People because it was less depressing.

personally, i think funny people is miles ahead of i love you, man. Adam Sandler in Funny People turns in a masterful performance while parodying his own career. This movie brings you into the life of a comedian, and it is portrayed in joyous authenticity.