Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday vs. Friday the 13th Part II



The Final Friday was just Jason as an intestinal worm. Besides, Part 2 had the best kill of the franchise (epic machete to the face of the guy in the wheelchair) Part 2 wins by a landslide.

I must admit, I kind of liked Jason Goes to Hell. I get why pretty much everyone has problems with it, but I didn't really mind them. Part 2 is much more entertaining and has the better characters, though.

In #2 Jason was still in a sort of incubation phase and #9 had one of the absolute best series kills, the spear through the girl during relations soon to be split in half. #9 by a smidgen.

Part 2 is my favorite in the series Final Friday was one of the worst ones in the series

Jason Goes To Hell....unrated cut, for the W.

Jason Goes to Hell was a waste of potential. Part II was good, dumb fun movie.

Friday the 13th Part II introduces Jason Voorhees as a homicidal “boy beast”, that no doubt seemed outlandish after his supposed drowning in the first, but feels terrifyingly grounded compared to the monster of Jason Goes to Hell. Demonic body horror can be terrifying, but grafted on to Friday the 13th, it feels cheap and out of place, even in the wake of Parts VI - VIII.