Highlander II: The Quickening vs. Highlander: The Source



I made this match up to express how truly awful Highlander: The Source is. The quickening is often said to be the one of the worst movies made. Well the people who claim that haven't had the misfortune of sitting through The Source. I can't possibly think of anything positive to say about it. The setting is weird, it's filmed mainly at night, the fight sequences are sped up, the special effects are terrible and the acting is poor. The antagonist is some weird guardian man who can run at a million miles an hour, everything is bad. I also cannot believe this film cost $13 million to make, I don't think Adrian Paul cost a few million. The budget was pissed away on nothing by the looks of it. The Quickening was crazy, but at least it was watchable.

The Source cost 13 million? Summamabitch, what did they spend it on?

I actually switched the TV off after less than 10 minutes when I tried to watch, or rather, endure The Source. It's actually amazing how they not only managed to make a movie that is worse than The Quickening (which isn't even that bad, but still, like, the worst sequel ever), yet also accomplished the feat to make a film which is worse than the ridiculously abysmal Endgame. It really is a shame because the first Highlander is one of my all-time favourites.