The Ring Two vs. The Ring



Though overrated, the first is decidedly better.

I can't even remember what happens in Two, I remember going to see it in theatres and some animals hit the car at some point I think..

here we go

The first one is WAY better. However, I will say, The Ring 2 is quite mysterious of a movie. It is very confusing in explaining exactly what’s going on. For me, the first watch in unsatisfying, left with questions. But on the other hand, I kinda like movies that leave me with questions because it encourages me to dig deeper and listen closer and rewatch to piece it together. I enjoy that aspect of movies, even if I don’t like it after a first watch. I will say however, the movie had some pretty terrible special effects.

The second part was literally crap disappointment sequel that gone off the edge, the first film was far unique better.