Blue Is the Warmest Color vs. Juno



I hate Juno. Hate it. Hate the dialogue, hate the characters, hate it nearly from top to bottom. Blue Is the Warmest Color is more of a mediocrity that for some reason caused a stir with the public. There is nothing unique about it, or memorable. Aside from the bizarre need to show people eating a lot of spaghetti. I never want to watch either film again. My desire to avoid Juno is just much greater.


Blue just crushes Juno....

Juno is shorter and wittier wihile BitWC is overly long and whiny

la vie d'adele is excellent, but the sexual objectification of its protagonist is kinda disturbing. juno is good but nothing special. adele it is

Juno all day! Blue has one of the dumbest endings to a movie I have ever seen. Over 3 hours for that?