A Separation vs. Pulp Fiction



A Seperation: Easily the best foreign film I've Ever seen. Pulp Fiction: Kicks the shit out of it in screenplay, direction, cinematography, acting, and originality.

What a tough match up....A Seperation is absolutely the real deal. I'll go with Pulp Fiction....but this is ridiculously close...

What TheEgant said. I think these may be within a few spots of each other on my flickchart and I give Pulp Fiction the slight edge.

A Separation is the masterpiece Pulp Fiction is said to be.

A Separation is a masterpiece. Pulp Fiction isn't.

Pulp Fiction is a masterpiece. A Separation isn't.

Both films are great but Pulp Fiction is a far wittier, far cleverer, far more nuanced film with masterful dialogue and brilliantly crafted characters. As good as Farhadi is, he's just no Tarantino.

Because Farhadi was going for wit and cleverness.

both fantastic, but pulp fiction is more entertaining