2 Fast 2 Furious vs. The Fast and the Furious



This series is definitely not my style,but the second one was garbage,The fast and the furious was entertaining.

You know, this series (and its competency challenged cast) actually represents, quite ideally, the greatest change that I as a movie-goer have undergone. There was a time when I would have been willing to march front and centre with an army corp going out to die in a wide-eyed attempt to rid the world of Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Tyrese Unimportantsurname and the whole Fast & Furious catalogue. Then, almost without warning, I learned to embrace idiocy and buffoonery like a pair of warm, bodacious, perfectly symmetrical bosoms. There are a thousand ways to explain the phenomenon we commonly refer to as 'the so bad it's good effect' but I think Rolling Stone's Matt Perpetua summed it up prettiest when he reviewed Rebecca Black's viral AV catastrophy 'Friday'. And I quote: "..a peculiar tonality that inadvertently highlights the absurdity of boilerplate pop lyrics...alluring sort of anti-charisma." This desire that we, as sickly individuals, have to seek out mammoth stupidity is what gives us our greatest pleasure (aside from actual bosoms). And, for this reason, Paul Walker has become a sort of hero of mine. It's clear to me that 2 Fast 2 Furious is his best work... I mean, are there any other films that can be quoted for four hours straight (in a seamlessly repeating cycle) by a group of sober young under 25s and result in paralysing hilarity? Yeah, I didn't fucking think so. Caveat: It is a genuinue probelem however, that in our zeal to disparage talentless clowns in all areas of life we mistakenly hoist them upon a pedestal. Then of course we wonder why society looks up to them. Catch 7Pi.

Both are good movies. but The Fast and the Furious is the better movie. It had a better plot than the second movie.and it had a great cast.

Ahaha I love Cleckley's comment. Brilliance. However, the original still gets my vote. I so like to look at Vin Diesel. Much more so than anyone in the barely competent "2 Fast".

Come on, these movies are great. Dumb, but great. Of the two, I definitely prefer The Fast and the Furious BECAUSE THE BUSTER KEPT ME OUT OF HANDCUFFS!

Both are dull, but the first at least has much better racing scenes.

Paul Walker died in a car crash today. It's incredibly ironic.

Damn, that's awful.

The sequel is almost unwatchable, from the Josh Lucas tan for no reason, to the horrible acting by Eva Mendes (has become a better actor through the years) and the way the sequel forces the franchise to continue despite a bad plot and worse acting. Fast and the Furious, on it's own, is a good movie, with an intriguing plot and a strong cast for the subject matter. The actors came across like they all knew what they were doing in this world of illegal car racing.

RIP Paul Walker :(

The first move was no picnic, but at least it wasn't 2F2F. That was borderline unwatchable. Gotta go with The Fast and Furious.

I hold the first one close to my heart. I was a teen when it came out so I thought it was awesome. It's much better than 2 Fast. Can't wait for Furious7!

I'm late to the game in the series. I've never really liked "car" movies outside of Days of Thunder and Smokey and the Bandit. That being said, the original wasn't too bad. The sequal however was awful!